Download Telegram For Windows Phone Latest Version

Download Telegram For Windows Phone Latest Version| Download Telegram For Windows Phone Latest Version - You can download Telegram for Windows Phone the latest on our website. Here we only provide the download link for the application Telegram messenger latest version. At the bottom of this article, we've provided a link to download Telegram App for your Windows Phone latest version. You can be downloaded easily and safe from viruses.
Download Telegram For Windows Phone Latest Version
Telegram Latest Version for Windows Phone
App Telegram Messenger is one of the many messenger apps that are already installed in every device internet users, who use it to chat until the interests of the company, can not be avoided, the era of this sophisticated application messenger is needed to facilitate the relationship, both in terms of friendship or business relationship. In the article, we will discuss a little about the Application Telegram Messenger for Windows Phone ( WP ).

Telegram Messenger is the app that works to serve the delivery of instant messages that can be used very easily and has excellent security. Any message of your chat is encrypted end to end using a combination of encryption 256-bit AES symmetric, encryption 2048-bit RSA and key exchange Diffie-Hellman, so your data is safe. You can also enable the feature (Self-destruct), to remove any of your chat automatically.

Features safe and quick owned by Telegram Messenger is the app this can be coupled well with other messenger application in the market of instant messaging of the world. Difference app telegram messenger app, messenger, Telegram app is available a variety of additional features while the to app messenger other was born with a very simple.

For those of you who often use the messenger app to make a group chat, the app telegram messenger is the right choice, because this application supports you to create a chat group with 100,000 members and All chat history are not stored in your device's disk space, but rather stored securely in the cloud is a telegram.

In terms of the look of his face, the telegram messenger has a very neat and simple, almost all users of telegram messenger conveyed it, and the features provided are very complete, almost no flaws in this application, the terms of any.

Features of Telegram Messenger for Windows Phone (WP)
Secret Chats | feature Secret Chat has the same look with a standard message, the excess in Secret Chat, the messages you send is encrypted by using the procedure of client-to-client using protocol MTProto. The contents of your message will not be accessible by anyone on other devices, only you and the recipient of the message in the device used. This message will be removed automatically by setting the time that has been set.

Number Phone | Like app another messenger, Telegram also uses your mobile number as your identity and account verification. This way you easily find your friends. The number can be changed and connected to the additional device to then accessed from one of them and interestingly you can use a pseudonym so that your mobile number will not be exposed by other users.

Group | As the admin mentioned above, the application telegram it supports the creation of group chats of up to 100,000 members and Messages sent by members of the group will also be encrypted.

Channel | feature is a little different from the group, Channel features can be used for usability more widely, such as to a brand or company. With this feature, you can obtain the members of the infinite and can deploy the latest information and reach out to members quickly and for free.

Security For Telegram Messenger | As the admin mentioned above, a Telegram safety. Party telegram implementing the scheme symmetric encryption (MTProto) which developed by (Nikolai Durov and the team). The base of this scheme itself is a 256-bit AES encryption, RSA 2048 and Diffie-Hellman.

Telegram app is available for Android, IOS, Windows Desktop, MacOS, Linux and also Windows Phone (WP). For WP devices you can download at the link we have provided below, while for other devices you can click HERE.
Download Telegram Latest Version for WP

Features Of Telegram Messenger

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Download Telegram For Windows Phone Latest Version

App : Telegram Messenger
OS : Windows Phone (WP)
License : Freeware
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                  English (United States) , 
                  Español (España, Alfabetización
                  Italiano (Italia), 
                  Nederlands (Nederland), 
                  Português (Brasil), 
                  Русский (Россия)
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