Telegram Web Version

Telegram Web Version | Telegram Messenger is a messaging app purely available for a variety of devices such as Android, iOS, macOS and Windows, for download you can click Here. In addition, to which I have already mentioned, the telegram app is also available for the desktop version. To use it you do not have to install telegram app, because, for telegram web version, the telegram already set up the web client, you only need a web browser application that is good for open

Telegram Web Version
Telegram Web Version
App Telegram now has become a favorite choice as a delivery platform instant messaging for those of you who prioritize privacy and security. Telegram Messenger has the structure of the work is very safe, the telegram has now been renewed more control to the backup chat. This feature is updated to offer customers more control over the backup chat. This feature is available for the version of Telegram Desktop where you can log in and make a backup that can be stored in a file format (JSON / HTML).

Telegram Messenger Web Version is one of the fast and safe ways to use all the features of Telegram App in Your browser for free. We strongly expect you to read this article till the end to know the advantages or how to use Telegram Web Version and how it works.

How to use Telegram Web Version

To use the Telegram Messenger from the web client, make sure you have an internet browser, to download an internet browser you can visit the (Download Browser). You can use the Web client of Telegram Messenger with better if you have a good browser.

Now, open your system and open the browser that you trust very well. Open, or you can directly click HERE and you will be directed to the login page Telegram Messenger for the Web.

The appearance of the first telegram will ask you to choose the name of Your Country and enter your mobile phone number, the phone number you will be automatically displayed, when you select the name of the country.

The next stage you just need to enter your mobile phone number is complete and correct. After entering your mobile number, click on the Next button in the left side of the screen or simply click enter.

At the next stage, a pop up appears on the screen of your device and there will be a message (If a phone number is correct). If it is correct, just click OK and if you want to change your mobile phone number, click CANCEL and start again.

Before using Telegram Web client, make sure that you have already registered your number with the Telegram app on Your Mobile device or other devices (Android / iPhone). So only you can successfully log on to the Telegram on the Web.

If you have not registered your mobile phone number to the app of telegram messenger, you can download the first app for mobile devices (Android, iPhone/iPad) Here.

Done download click install Telegram app on your Android device, iPhone/iPad. Open the app telegram messenger is already installed and you will be prompted to enter your mobile phone number correctly. The next stage of the Telegram will send a text message with a 4 digit code to verify that this is indeed your numbers are correct. Enter the 4 digit code to the application telegram to proceed.

After verifying your mobile number, you can already use the app telegram messenger is easy, safe and fast in your device to your desktop via a Web client. After you finish using Telegram Web, You can exit by clicking the Log Out button available on the right top of the screen.

Features of Telegram for Web
  • The app is free to use.
  • Easy, Fast, and secure.
  • You can also get all the features of the Application Telegram Messenger, Telegram Web Version.
  • Telegram Web is the perfect tool to share files and messages on Your Desktop.
  • Can send files from your Desktop to Your friends in Telegram.
  • All the activities that you do in the Telegram Web Version, will be synced with the Telegram app Messenger on Android devices, iPhone/ iPad.
  • Everyone can contribute because of the source code of the Telegram open.

Update Telegram the latest Web

Parties a telegram has been improving its features, where you can save the conversation/chat with very easily. A telegram can export some or all of the chat and save it on your hard drive. With this feature, you can access the data in the JSON format, without the need for connection. You can also view it in HTML format, which is more visual.

One feature that is very likely well received by the users of the telegram, is the available mode settings the night. This feature is already present on many platforms such as YouTube or Twitter. To activate night mode, you can use telegram in the evening with comfortable without making the eyes tired and it can save battery consumption.

Our writing above is a little explanation of the app telegram messenger for the web version, thank you for visiting our website, criticism and suggestions so we expect to fix any lack of our website. You can give your suggestions in the comments or you can contact us directly HERE.

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