Download Telegram Bot Latest Version

Download Telegram Bot Latest Version

Like the title I made, a Download Telegram Bot Latest Version. Before I continue the discussion about the title of this article, I will explain a little about the application telegram messenger, due to this app can be said still was young, so naturally many of us don't know or never heard about this app. You can go HERE to see more about the telegram.
Telegram Bot
Telegram Messenger is an instant messaging system cross-platform and focuses on the security and confidentiality of the personal User. In general, the actual messenger app is the same as with the messenger app in general, say such as Whatsapp, BBM, and the other that very much offers the advantages and ease in its use.

For the difference of the Telegram with a messenger application other very much, in terms of any, such as speed, ease of use, freedom in creating, sending files which are not restricted, the absence of advertising and of course the very priority is the security of privacy, and one more in provide Bot features, features this is what we will discuss in this article.

That made Telegram app the favorites among users of the messenger app is can be installed and run on a variety of devices and operating systems, not only in mobile devices but also computers and devices Desktop smart similar another computer. Telegram and Bot can facilitate your daily activities without having to sit every time in front of the computer.

Understanding Download Telegram Bot

A BOT is a computer program that is run specially made to do a certain job automatically; of course with the engine Bot can lighten our work. Why are there Features Machine Bot in the Telegram App, the bonding machine Boots with a telegram, we suppose, you will send a video dear friend you in a telegram, you can just put the features of the bot and typing in keywords for example: /Mp4<video_ searched>, then the result of this command will immediately appear in the Telegram app.

Bot search I described earlier, just one of the uses of the bot including the simple. Bots can be used to search in a search engine (Browser), YouTube, weather, torrent, exchange rates, and language translation, channel settings, and can run a very complicated program though.

At the beginning of the in her boots in the telegram app to use telegram-cli and almost all the boots made by this method, the most numerous or famous telegram-bot created by Yago Perez. How to work Bots Telegram-cli as well as your personal account, with this you can also log in as the account the Bot telegram-cli, and can do anything as well as account normal.

The workings of the Telegram-Bot
Telegram to communicate with the server is done through a protocol called MTProto, a package of this protocol made by the Telegram itself, so the bot is directly communicating with the telegram uses the MTProto. To start using this feature you can choose between the two,
First, use the programming language that you performance equal to write a bot manually, the second using tg, single package terminal client telegram, to the system unit.

Telegram-cli (TG), is a Telegram Client that uses the C language for writing and have a library wrapper for Lua and python. This means, you can write one program the bot with the use of language Lua and python, which is relatively easier if compared to a bot that must communicate directly with the MTProto.

Because how to work this bot is easy and many use it, then the telegram launched a bot API, the aim for you already mastered the programming language can build the bot without having to communicate with telegram-cli / MTProto. The Bot API is made by a telegram in the form of a bot, but not all that can be done ordinary account can be done with a bot, for example, you create a group, add members or reduce group members.

Below I have some links that may help you in building a Telegram-Bot. Thank you very much to have been present and reading our article, please share it a dear friend you if this article to help your friends.

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