Download Telegram for Windows 10 Latest Version

Download Telegram for Windows 10 Latest Version

Download Telegram for Windows 10 Latest Version. is an instant messaging app that You can use for free (no book or payment of) such that is said by telegram "Telegram is free and will always be free. Telegram Desktop for Windows 10 is an instant messaging application the desktop version or the PC from the Telegram app is quite popular.

Download Telegram for Windows 10 Latest Version
Telegram for Windows 10
A version of Telegram Desktop for Windows has the advantage in speed so that the user does not need to worry because the installation program will not slow down the performance of your PC or computer. In addition, this application also has the advantage of security systems-encrypted. Therefore, users no longer need to worry this conversation will be seen by third parties.

Telegram Desktop for Windows has the same features as the mobile version. Users can use emoji, stickers, add multimedia content, location coordinates, etc., into the conversation. You can customize the notification when obtaining a message.

This year the developers of telegram have been officially renewing the application telegram messenger for windows 10, there is some increase for the category group. With the update, You as the admin of the group has been able to limit or filter what gets posted by each member of the group. Access permissions in the Settings of the Group have been significantly improved and all groups can now register the members of 200.000 users at once (up to 100,000 of the base).

In addition to the addition of the above in the category of groups, the developer telegram also did an update that includes the option to choose the set of emoji in your chat settings, there is also support to be able to download the media automatically and the settings in terms of input & output.

Download Telegram for Windows 10 Latest Version
Telegram for Windows

Very in love with this App:

  • FAST: Connected to the whole World with fast
  • SYNCED: Accessible from all your devices
  • UNLIMITED: There is No size limitation in sending files
  • SECURE: With the best security
  • POWERFUL: One application that is very suitable for an online community
  • RELIABLE: you Can use on a cellular connection the weakest
  • FUN: Edit photos, Video, platform stickers/Gif
  • SIMPLE: the interface is clean, free (without ads, or any cost}
  • PRIVATE: your Privacy is very safe from third parties

Summary Update:

  • Group licensing Global. You can now keep all members of the group in any of the posts several types of content.
  • Group settings integrated. You make a public group, set the admin with the permissions detailed and turn a history of persistent.
  • Select a set of emoji are a cool tool of Your conversation.
  • Select input & output devices to a Call Telegram in the Settings> Advanced, select Call Settings.
  • Automatically download music and file.

To download telegram App special windows 10 you can directly download from the Microsoft Store, by the way, open the Microsoft Store Windows 10, in the search section type in the telegram, press enter and you can directly install it, or you can head to the link we have provided below. DON'T FORGET TO CHECK THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE SYSTEM. This is so that there is no occurrence of an error during the installation.

When the above means fail you do, you can download telegram app is in the official website of the telegram or you can get the application sending this message by pressing the download link that we have presented below. Thank you.

Download Telegram for Windows 10 Latest Version