Download Telegram Plus Messenger for Android

Download Telegram Plus Messenger for Android

Download Telegram Plus Messenger for Android
Plus Messenger for Android
Download Telegram Plus Messenger for Android. Actually for chat application on this one, when you visit the play store name is Plus Messenger, why don't we give the title to this article, Telegram Plus, because this app belongs to the messaging app is not official by using Telegram's API with some additional features to the app the official app of Telegram.

The main advantages of the app Plus messenger it, if compared with the Application Telegram, is in part how it looks (user interface). You are given the freedom to download themes all for free, and then You are also given the freedom to rearrange the design of the theme is in accordance with the desires of Your heart.

In addition to the features an interesting theme, Plus messenger also added and developed some existing features, for example, can share the audio through the message, hide Your number, show emoji, save the document with the file name it comes from, and also some other features that are quite beneficial for You.

App Plus Messenger or Telegram also has the privilege in the chat feature, which can create a channel that used to share the message to You that many (broadcast) and also features a “secret chat” or a secret message to You other with the purpose of providing privacy to You when using the chat application. To use the feature the secret chat, the necessary agreement between the two of You who will communicate in a room chat.

Important Points:
  • The division directly from the chat
  • Distribution without citing the sender
  • Emoji fake
  • Can save files with original file names
  • Can set the size of the file's video before sharing
  • You can use the font clone
  • Show your own photo in the bubble chat
  • The Admin group is now visible in the group profile
  • Play record audio with the throw distance sensor
  • Click on the photo in the interface, to show your photos on your profile
  • You can change the wallpaper screen live chat
  • Change wallpaper directly from the chat screen
  • Can change the size of emoji
  • Can instantly turn off a user or group from the main screen
  • Direct can add group members from the main screen

A little more than I will share in this article, to my words in the section "the main Advantages of the app Plus messenger it if compared with the Application Telegram is in part how it looks (user interface)". For telegram app itself now has a feature to replace the background in the chat which is very cool. An update is already you can enjoy, you also can search the wallpapers directly from the web.

Add nice effect, now the background for the application of telegram messenger supports blur effect and also the effect of the movement, to the color settings you can change with the color of the favorite as the background, apply any pattern you can also adjust the intensity. After you edit the background of your chat, you can also share to any of your acquaintances through the links tab

You can now choose the application which you will use in your personal device, Plus Messenger or telegram messenger and you can download in the link that we have provided.

Download Telegram Plus Messenger for Android